Friday, June 30, 2006

Bicycle Tour of Colorado - Day 6 – Telluride to Mancos - 83mi

Accidently packed my sunglasses into my baggage on the truck, and noticed to late, so I grabbed the only pair I saw in the lost and found – they fit, and did the trick even though they weren’t sport glasses. Should have been an easy day, but again the damn headwind on many of the downhills! Ugh. But it was a 50 mile long downhill, so I can't complain too much! Seriously, 50 miles downhill, how awesome is that?!? Rode alone much of the day – Jen had a 20 minute head start, and Gregg and Julie dropped me after meeting up and snapping a few photos. John was behind somewhere. Had my own personal best rest stop of the trip – stopped at a gas station and ate an ice cream drumstick under a shade tree a few miles before Aid station 3. There’s no shade at the aid stations today, and the sun was killer hot today. Finally got a crosswind/tailwind for the last 15 miles so they were ok even though there was some climbing. At camp, thunder, then rainstorm just after I got my tent set up. Took a shower in a stream under a bridge at camp – nice and cool, and no waiting in line! John arrived soaked and hailed on and quite cold. Got a beer and listened to local band playing Johnny Cash and Elvis covers – band sucked but songs were all foot tappers. Ate a seafood buffet at some restaurant. Chuckled at this old codger with an oxygen tank who was all pissed off that they weren’t bringing out more fish as fast as he wanted. Too funny. It took John so long to get his hamburger that he had to leave for his massage before his food arrived. Girls stayed at motel in Cortez, so we couldn’t hang out with them tonight. They get to ride extra miles just to get from Cortez to Mancos to start their ride tomorrow. Sucks to be them.


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