Sunday, May 01, 2005

I am very particular about ceiling fans

Wow, as far as bloggers go, I pretty much suck. How long has it been since I last posted? I honestly can't even remember. I suppose I could go and look, but since I'm composing this offline, that would be too much work.

Critical Mass on Friday was a blast. I had missed last months ride, which means my last ride was end of February. It was great to see the Mass swelling to near-summer proportions. I didn't take a head count, but it was definitely 50+, probably 80 or so?

I exchanged emails earlier in the day w/Gilby, and she (jokingly, I think) invited me to join "Team Plaid". Not having a plaid skirt, I didn't intend to take her up on the offer. But then DC called, wondering if we could ride together to Loring Park, and she offered to bring a plaid skirt for me. So she set me up with this bluish/torquoise-ish number, which I must say looked quite stunning with my cargo pants and red mittens. Quite the outfit, indeed.

Ended up at the Red Dragon afterwards with a crew of probably 20 or so of the massers, which was cool, since I'm always a little bummed on those occasions when the ride just kind of ends with everyone going their separate ways.

Saturday my friend Doug and I pulled together a roadie ride, which I think is going to become a regular weekend thing. Brian was out of town, but at my urging CB came out. I wondered whether CB would be able to hang with the group since he hasn't been riding much, but I knew the group would be kind enough to let him catch up if he got dropped. He wants to get faster, and the only way that's going to happen is if he starts riding with people faster than him. We had a group of 6 total, not too bad for a random group on a colder-than-usual day. We pushed the pace pretty hard down west river road and Minnehaha parkway. I was enjoying the brisk pace, but not the fact that we weren't really able to hold any conversation, and I wanted to get to know the three people in the group who I had never met. CB started struggling after a few miles, and ended up dropping off when we passed his house around mile 15 or so. Hopefully a few more rides at this faster speed (along with some riding on his own on weeknights) and he should be able to hang soon enough.

Once we got through Wirth Park we were able to ride side streets 2 or 3 abreast and finally chat as a group. Turns out one of the woman is doing her residency in orthopedic medicine, and the other woman is a former investment banker. Nice people.

Saturday night, met a few friends for beers at Famous Daves. Funny, I've lived in uptown for over 5 years now, and this was my first time there. The act for the night was blues vocalist Nora Jean Bruso. I had never heard of her, but the woman knows how to make a entrance - you can't help but stand up and take notice. She has one of those deep, powerful, throaty voices - when she's growling about the last man that done her wrong, and how she's not going to take it anymore, well, you believe her. Good stuff.

Sunday, spent half the day biking around town looking at ceiling fans. Here's a statement I never thought I'd hear myself say: "I am very particular about ceiling fans." But apparently, I am. I don't have ceiling fans right now, and once the summer heat and humidity hits, my home life becomes an exercise in shuttling box fans from room to room, since I refuse to use AC (it's expensive, and I'm too much of a spendthrift conservationist to do use it.)

I've had bare wires hanging from my living room ceiling for over a year now. I never seem to get around to purchasing a light fixture, so I started thinking about putting a ceiling fan w/light up there. And while I'm at it, why not put a ceiling fan in my dining room too - my living room and dining room are actually one big room, and I don't think it would look *too* odd having two ceiling fans in there, provided that some simple requirements are satisfied: (a) must be low profile and mountable close to the ceiling, (b) lights must be subtle - no 5 bulbs with flowery shades or any such junk like that (c) units should be very simple in style, neither too ornate nor too high-tech, and (d) not too expensive. Not surprisingly, I haven't found anything that fits the bill yet.