Sunday, December 18, 2005

So, I never did make it out to the ski-biking event

Actually, I did make it out there, I just couldn't find the so-called "deer pen" area of Minnehaha Falls park once I got there. I biked around for a while looking for it, but eventually gave up and ended up going for a hike down by the river instead, hiking from the dog park at the south end, up to the falls proper.

Wish I'd had my camera, because the frozen falls were looking incredibly beautiful - I don't know if the lighting conditions were especially perfect or what, but the ice had this amazing greenish-bluish hue that lent them an otherworldly quality. Really quite striking.

So yeah, I didn't make it to the ski-biking, but I did find instructions online on how to build your own ski bike, for anyone who's interested in that.