Wednesday, June 08, 2005

It's here

It arrived on Saturday - the frame I'll be building up as a fixie.

1992 Schwinn Prologue:
Tange Prestige steel tubeset (crazy light, yet hopefully also durable).
Lugs (as if there's any other way to go!)
Sweet metallic silver-to-black fade paint job (which unfortunately doesn't come across well in my photos).

This thing looks like it's hardly been ridden at all. In fact several people at the shop were really curious how old it was since it has so little wear. Personally, I could do without the "Schwinn" and "Prologue" decals, but maybe I'll be able to remove them - although they seem to be under a really thin layer of clearcoat?

I originally planned to scrounge around at the Sibley Depot or One-on-One and see if I could find a suitable frame in something close to my size, but then this beaut showed up on Ebay, with dimensions (50cm seatpost, 52cm toptube) almost exactly the same as my road frame, so I snatched it up. I should fit perfectly. The threads on the deraileur hanger are slightly cross-threaded, but no matter, I won't be hanging a deraileur on this baby anyway.

Now the tough part - sourcing the components. I'll be making a trip to the Hub soon to see what used stuff I can scrounge up. Once I have all these, the assembly itself should be cake (since adjusting the derailleurs is always the most challenging part for me!)

The (hopefully) comprehensive list:
  • 1" threaded headset
  • 1" quill stem
  • handlebars - I have a Syntace bullhorn bar lying around at home (from a previous tri bike) that should work, provided I can find a 1" quill stem that works with them
  • brake - scrounge one from somewhere
  • brake lever - I have a DiaCompe bar-end lever that should do
  • bottom bracket - I have a spare Ultegra cartridge BB that'll be perfect
  • cranks - I want these to be interchangable with the cranks on my road bike, so I'll need to get either Shimano Ultegra or DuraAce cranks off Ebay
  • wheelset - BIG question here - I want a fixed/fixed hub, I think w/sealed bearings since I'll hopefully ride this rig year round?
  • chain - 1/8"
  • cogs/chainring - need to figure out what ratio I want to start out with before getting these, have to check my mtn bike and see what ratio I ride in the most
  • seatpost
  • seat - I have a spare Terry Fly saddle lying around - I don't think it's super comfortable, but it'll do for now
  • misc stuff - brake cable, chainring bolts, lockring, bar tape

Oh, and I absolutely have to remember to treat the frame w/framesaver before I build it up! I want this baby to last!

I'm especially looking for headset and hub recommendations. A Chris King headset is out of my price league, by the way :-) Patrick at Freewheel was recommending a $55 FSA headset as a good alternative to the Chris King, but even that seems a little steep to me, unless it's also bombproof.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

4th Annual Lower Northeast Drunken Bar Bike Tour

HereNT provided this info as a comment to my previous post (thanks!) so I'm posting it front and center here for all ...


Sunday, June 12
Pre-tour BBQ : 4PM
Tour Starts at 6PM

  • Bring your own bike lock
  • Must be 21+
  • NO motorized vehicles
  • Wear a helmet, use bike lights and other safety gear
  • Eat Something Beforehand (It's eight hours of drinking - you gotta have something in your tummy)
Ads, sponsors, etc. I'm not involved with this and don't know which would want to be posted online.

6:00 | 1) Whitey's ~ 400 E Hennepin
6:00 | 2) Boom ~ 401 E Hennepin
7:00 | 3) Times ~ 201 E Hennepin
7:00 | 4) Nye's ~ 112 E Hennepin
7:45 | 5) Mac's Industrial ~ 312 Central SE
8:45 | 6) Legends ~ 825 E Hennepin
10:15 | 7) Arone's ~ 500 Central SE
10:15 | 8) U Otter Stop Inn ~ 617 Central SE
11:15 | 9) Margarita Bella ~ 1032 3rd Ave NE
11:15 | 10) Vegas Lounge ~ 956 Central NE
12:15 | 11) Spring St. Grill ~ 355 NE Monroe
12:15 | 12) Moose on Monroe ~ 356 NE Monroe
1:15 | 13) Grumpy's Northeast ~ 2200 NE 4th St

Should be a blast!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Dead Brewery Tour 2005 - Sat June 11th

From the Surly Blog:

If you're in the Minneapolis area, put this on your calendar:

Dead Brewery Tour 2005

Saturday, June 11th. Slow 20-ish mile group swerve through Mpls/St.Paul past the old breweries that once pumped out alot of beer and made Minnesota a pre-prohibition brewing powerhouse. Cruisers/hoopties/one-speeds/whatever are encouraged. Racers and heart rate monitors need not apply.

Show up at Molly Quinn's public house on Lake St. and 33rd Ave South Mpls at 11am for pre-noon beers and breakfast. The ride is leaving at 12 noon for St.Paul and will end late afternoon at the undead Town Hall brewpub in Mpls for beer and food.

Of course, pit stops will be frequent and random. Wear your drinking shoes. For more information, don't e-mail us, just show up and ride. Seize you there.